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CRM Solution Integration

Companies often use different systems to cater for different business purposes. Firm may be using, for example, Quickbooks for their accounting needs and a separate Sage CRM system to take care of their business processes and workflows. Firm may also have an online self-service booking system for client appointments that then needs to be integrated with a CRM solution.

As these are all disparate systems which need to communicate with one another to allow for the accurate and robust movement and handling of information.

Through careful analysis and feasibility studies, Plexure is able to bring together and create the inter-connectivity between these separate component subsystems and modules, ensuring that everything function together as a coherent system

A sampling of past integration projects:

  • Sage CRM with SAP
  • Sage CRM with ACCPAC
  • Sage CRM with Quickbooks
  • PHP website with Sage CRM
  • PHP website with SingPost's SAM machine