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Cloud CRM

What is Cloud CRM?

Cloud CRM Malaysia Cloud CRM (or CRM cloud) means any customer relationship management (CRM) technology where the CRM software, CRM tools and the organization's customer data resides in the cloud (a third party hosting) and is delivered to end-users via the Internet.

Cloud CRM typically offers access to the application via Web-based tools (or Web browser) logins where the CRM system administrator has previously defined access levels across the organization. Employees can log in to the CRM system, simultaneously, from any Internet-enabled computer or device. Often, cloud CRM provides users with mobile apps to make it easier to use the CRM on smartphones and tablets.

Payment model for Cloud base solution is also different from the traditional on-premise solution. A company pays for on-demand CRM is usually through a per-user monthly subscription fee. Oftentimes there are costs associated with start-up of the application or the customization required.

Why Cloud CRM?

Low Entry Cost
One of the biggest advantages of an On-Demand service is that there is usually not a large upfront cost for the software since it is usually a subscription fee. Companies who are new to CRM or first time users to CRM system should tap on this advantage so that there is no need to incur a hefty investment.

Fast to deploy
Another key advantage of Cloud base CRM is that they are fast to deploy. Once payment is made, access will be given and user will be able to go online, login and use the CRM system. There is no longer the need to wait for 1 month or more for the CRM vendor to implement and install the CRM system for you.

No need to maintain your own hardware
There is also no need to maintain or invest in your own hardware, worry about backup and even security. Just leave it to the experts who are also managing the system for many other companies.

High Mobility
As it is hosted on cloud and user access to it through internet, user can access from any Internet-enabled computer or device such as smartphones and tablets.